60% of Korean words are derived from Chinese loan words. Learning to read and write Chinese characters is not necessary for most Korean students given that they are used infrequently in modern Korean texts but learning the sound and meaning of the characters will help you improve your vocabulary similar to how students of English can benefit from learning Latin and Greek roots.

사람의 성 김, gold; metals in general; money (8)
쇠 금
金箔 금박 gold leaf
金曜日 금요일 Friday
金字塔 금자탑 pyramid
基金 기금 fund
金浦空港 김포공항 Gimpo airport
罰金 벌금 penalty
年金 연금 annuity
年金 연금 pension
預金 예금 deposit
預金者 예금자 depositor
料金 요금 charge
料金 요금 fare
料金 요금 fee
元金 원금 capital
元金 원금 principal
賃金 임금 wage
板金 판금 sheet metal
合金 합금 alloy
合金 합금하다 alloy (conjugate verb)
現金 현금 cash
現金 현금 ready money