60% of Korean words are derived from Chinese loan words. Learning to read and write Chinese characters is not necessary for most Korean students given that they are used infrequently in modern Korean texts but learning the sound and meaning of the characters will help you improve your vocabulary similar to how students of English can benefit from learning Latin and Greek roots.

흰 백, white; pure, unblemished; bright (5)
땅이름 배
潔白 결백 purity
告白 고백 confession
蛋白質 단백질 protein
白頭山 백두산 Baekdoo mountain
白色 백색 white
白癬 백선 ringworm
白夜 백야 white night
白熱 백열 incandescence
白熱 백열 white heat
白雲石 백운석 dolomite
白人 백인 Caucasian
白鳥 백조 swan
白紙 백지 white paper
白鐵鑛 백철광 marcasite
白葡萄酒 백포도주 white wine
白血球 백혈구 leucocyte
自白 자백 confession
追白 추백 postscript
漂白 표백 bleaching
黑白 흑백 black and white; right and wrong