60% of Korean words are derived from Chinese loan words. Learning to read and write Chinese characters is not necessary for most Korean students given that they are used infrequently in modern Korean texts but learning the sound and meaning of the characters will help you improve your vocabulary similar to how students of English can benefit from learning Latin and Greek roots.

달 월, moon; month; KangXi radical 74 (4)
個月 개월 each and every month
九月 구월 September
滿月 만월 full moon
四月 사월 April
三月 삼월 March
歲月 세월 the times, things
十月 시월 October
十二月 십이월 December
十一月 십일월 November
年月日 연월일 date
五月 오월 May
a month
月給 월급 monthly salary
月貰 월세 monthly rent
月蝕 월식 lunar eclipse
月曜日 월요일 Monday
六月 유월 June
二月 이월 February
一月 일월 January
七月 칠월 July
八月 팔월 August