60% of Korean words are derived from Chinese loan words. Learning to read and write Chinese characters is not necessary for most Korean students given that they are used infrequently in modern Korean texts but learning the sound and meaning of the characters will help you improve your vocabulary similar to how students of English can benefit from learning Latin and Greek roots.

뫼 산, mountain, hill, peak (3)
金剛山 금강산 Diamond mountain
南山 남산 Nam mountain
-山 뒷산 the back side of a mountain
白頭山 백두산 Baekdoo mountain
釜山 부산 Busan
氷山 빙산 iceberg
a mountain
山系 산계 mountain system
山- 산길 mountain path/road
山脈 산맥 mountain range
山- 산속 the heart of a mountain
山賊 산적 bandit
山賊 산적 brigand
山峽 산협 gap
雪嶽山 설악산 Sorak mountain
蔚山 울산 Ulsan
人山人海 인산인해 a very large crowd
智異山 지리산 Jiri mountain
穿山甲 천산갑 pangolin
漢拏山 한라산 Halla mountain
火山 화산 volcano