60% of Korean words are derived from Chinese loan words. Learning to read and write Chinese characters is not necessary for most Korean students given that they are used infrequently in modern Korean texts but learning the sound and meaning of the characters will help you improve your vocabulary similar to how students of English can benefit from learning Latin and Greek roots.

글자 자, letter, character, word (6)
-字 글자 a letter, a character
金字塔 금자탑 pyramid
文字 문자 character
象形文字 상형문자 hieroglyph
數字 숫자 a figure, number
習字 습자 penmanship
十字架 십자가 cross
略字 약자 abbreviation
a Chinese character
字幕 자막 title
字體 자체 lettering
字板 자판 keyboard
綴字 철자 spelling
打字機 타자기 a typewriter
漢字 한자 Chinese character